Have you planned for 2016?

As we all know, the curtains are gradually closing on 2015 and soon 2016 will be with us. 2015 has been eventful for the software/ web development industry and its circles. In 2015 we had some amazing product launches, some companies pulled the plug on some of their products, some products overtook some other products in market share value and some developers got the promotion they wanted or gained that additional skill they have always wanted to acquire.


Yes we are coming close to the holiday and festive season and for some of us this is an opportunity much needed to spend time with our families and friends, enjoy our Christmas meals and indulge in some of our fancied pleasures. While all of these things are great, it is important we remember that 2016 is around the corner and we must start now to begin our plan for 2016.


Just this morning, seeing that i had a bit of free time at work, i decided to start  writing down some career goals i intend to achieve in 2016. Although i have some personal goals too that i like to achieve but i thought to start by writing down the career goals i can remember.


Why is it important to start planning for 2016 now? Firstly, the one who fails to plan plans to fail. Secondly, in starting to set your 2016 goals now, you have more time to review and revise the goals you have put down and make them as realistic as possible before 2016 comes.


In writing down my goals for 2016 and what steps to take in order to achieve them, i have started early to prepare my mind for the exploits i will achieve in 2016 because when i have completely written down my goals i will put them in a place i can always see them so that i am reminded of the plan i have set to improve my skills thereby making my career opportunities even more favorable.


People who are high achievers begin to make plans before it becomes urgent because they realize the importance of getting important things done before it gets urgent. Don’t start 2016 with a rushed plan or with a “fire-service” approach. Start now and take your time to plan for 2016.


Set your goals for 2016 starting today. Write down your goals, identify the action steps you need to achieve those goals and place your goals where you can see it everyday to remind yourself what path you are heading. While you set goals think about them carefully and be realistic about them because there is no point setting a goal you cannot achieve and remember to review your goals, plans and actions steps from time to time.

After you set your goals and action steps, if you review and think it is good enough leave them the way they are if not adjust them till you believe them. You are your own number 1 fan so make plans that you have faith in.

Enjoy the Christmas holidays and have a productive and prosperous 2016 ahead!.

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  • ziest wilky

    Great ideas, thanks