Battle of the Frameworks – CodeIgniter Vs Laravel

I have just recently concluded an online course on Laravel 4 and currently working on a project using Laravel 4.2. During my Laravel training I found Laravel to be an interesting framework and robust enough to meet my developmental needs for future projects and at this point I like  to say that I have absolutely fallen in love with Laravel.


However, me being the kind of developer who is always eager to learn more and do more, I figured I needed to pick up learning the CodeIgniter framework from where I stopped. I had previously started learning to develop with CodeIgniter last year before my learning program was cut short because I got a job as C# .NET Web developer. My then job really took its toll on me because I had almost no time to research other technologies i wanted to learn as almost all the development projects I did during this period were C# projects and were quite intensive projects.


Anyways, when I heard that the CodeIgniter project was no longer being developed and owned by EllisLab the original owners of the CodeIgniter project, I got worried about this and wondered if there was any point in picking up CodeIgniter again. In my confusion I decided to seek expert advice from seasoned developers and so i posted a question on a LinkedIn PHP group called LinkedPHPers which I am part of. In this blog post  I have showcased a screenshot of the question and responses I got.


After reading the responses I got, I am not exactly sure if you had ever asked the same question I asked as a developer or not but in case you have my unbiased advise is that you find out for yourself what the right tool you need for your project is and learn how to use that tool/framework. But if you wanted my personal opinion, I would say Learn Laravel!.

Happy coding!

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