Are you an enterpreneur?

The importance of embracing the entrepreneurial spirit by developers cannot be overly emphasized. Wikipedia simply defines an Entrepreneur as an individual who organizes or operates a business or businesses.

To operate a business successfully, it all boils down to making decisions and taking action and being responsible for your choices. As developers, whether we work for a start-up or a large corporate organization it is necessary that we think as entrepreneurs. This basically means taking responsibility for our own choices, decisions and actions while at work.

We must change from the mindset of “working for others” to the mindset of operating a business as soon as we walk through the office door. If we look at it closely,that’s actually what we are doing – Business!. We use our programming skills to offer services to our employers who in turn pay for the value this service provides.

Once we begin to view our jobs this way, I believe it will motivate us to improve in our jobs because thinking as an entrepreneur rather than just a programmer or developer means you take responsibility for ensuring your tasks are completed successfully and in a timely fashion and that you provide satisfaction to your client(employer) because that is the core of every business’ success – Customer Satisfaction.

Gone are the days when developers are seen as recluse geeks or nerds who are placed in a hidden room somewhere and all they just do is code. Today, developers are required to have people skills, customer service skills and even good communication skills. All of these which i believe are vital to success in business. It only goes to show that the days of thinking one-way (just as a developer) are over.

Invest in yourself as a developer. Read books on Leadership, Business Management and Effective communication. Change your mindset from “programmer only” to entrepreneur and watch a new door of growth open in your career.

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